How to Install Kali Linux In Vmware Workstation -Virtual Machine

Kali Linux-Vmware-virtual-machine

Kali Linux Is a new release over the Backtrack. It's a Debian based open source Linux distribution, specially tailored for advanced penetration testing. Kali was Founded and currently maintained by the offensive security -a provider of world-class information security training & penetration testing service. It was released on 13th March 2013 as a complete rebuild of BlackTrack.  A guy Mati Aharoni is the lead developer and founder of offensive security.

Why Should Installed Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is an open-source operating system anyone can install without paying any bucks. It has over 600 plus tools for different penetration purpose. Security professionals and Network administrators use Kali as their main os (Host). It is favorite and one of the choices of all Hackers. 💡 It is mine favorite too! 💡. Kali comes with root privileges as plenty of applications demanding super-user privilege to run. With considering future security Its kernel already has the latest patches included. You never need any antivirus, unlike Windows and MacOS. Are you crazy gamer..? don't prefer Kali. It builds aimed only for advanced penetration testing and not for gaming purpose.

However, if you want to make a career in the cyber world as a Security expert, Network administrator, Ethical Hacker-Penetration tester, it is the only choice for you. You should play with It. The power and security of Kali beat all other operating systems.

What is Vmware - Virtual Machine?

Vmware is a software which creates a virtual environment for you. In the single word, we can call it a virtual machine. It is implemented by software and virtualized with hardware components. It also named as a 'guest' while physical machine called 'host' machine.
       Features of Virtual Machine
  • Run multiple Operating systems at a time.
  • Completely Isolated from the Physical machine. 
  • Support hardware configuration - RAM, HDD
  • Easy to operate, user-friendly
  • Supports external components like USB, CD-DVDs. 
  • You can test and run any viruses, malware without affecting your host machine
  • Money saving possible by running multiple OS - No need for another computer  machine


    STEP # 1 Download Required Files

    Download Vmware  workstation pro
    Download Virtual Disk Image file of Kali Linux

     Step # 2 Extract Downloaded Files

    After downloading both zipped files, it's time to extract both files in a new folder press shift+ctrl+N shortcut to create the new folder.

    Step #3 Installation of Vmware

     Double tap over the setup file of Vmware, which you recently extracted. One setup wizard will popup just accept terms, click next & finished the installation process.
    WoW, you have done step #3 cool! Now we are two-step away from our goal.


    Step #4 Setup Kali On Virtual Environment

    Launch the Vmware Workstation. Select the open virtual machine, provide the path where you extracted the Disk Image file. Finally, click on the Import button. No need to do any further configuration for hardware, settings Vmware will auto setup for you. Still, want you can do manually.

    Kali Linux-Vmware-virtual-machine

    Step #5 Run Kali Linux

    All you finished the complete process of  Installation now needs to click power on the virtual machine. Explore the power of Kali on your Virtual machine.

    The default login username is 'root' and 'toor' as a password.

    Now you learned to install the Kali Linux with as easy steps doing no booting and other complicated processes like that. Never use it for the illegal purpose. Change the default password for your better security. Type "apt-get update" command to update your Kali Linux machine. You should have aimed to learn something new in a day, This methodology will make you great!


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