100 Plus Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Become Advanced User


Shortcuts refer to saving time. Every operating system and modern software come with some shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are better than handling the computer with a mouse. You can boost your productivity and bring efficiency using keyboard shortcuts.

We listed 100 plus windows keyboard shortcuts, Basic to advanced which help you to become an advanced windows user. 


Shortcut Keys Description
F1 Launch Help Window
F2 Rename the File
F3 Search File OR Folder
F4 Display the Address Bar List In Windows explorer
F5 Refresh Current Windows
F6 Cycle through Screen Elements In Desktop or Window
F7 Mute Windows Media Player /Spell-Check In MS-Word
F8 Reduce The Volume In Window Media Player
F9 Increase Volume In Windows Media Player
F10 Activate Menu bar In Opened App
F11 Maximize OR Minimize the Active Window
F12 Launch Debugger Tool In any Browser/Open Save As Window In MS-Office


Shortcut Keys Description
CTRL + A Select all Files in Current Document
CTRL + B Bold Selected text In MS-WORD
CTRL + C Copy Selected File
CTRL + D Delete the Selected Item
CTRL + E Lauch Windows Explorer / Access URL bar on Browser
CTRL + F Find File In Current Window
CTRL + G Open Goto Line Window
CTRL + H Open History In Browser/Replace Window In Text Editor
CTRL + I Make Selected text Italic In MS-WORD
CTRL + J View Downloads In Browser
CTRL + K Create Hyperlink for Selected text IN MS-WORD
CTRL + L Select Address Bar In Browser
CTRL + N Open New Window of Current App
CTRL + O Allow to Open File
CTRL + P Print the Current Document
CTRL + S Save the Opned File
CTRL + R Reload an Active Window
CTRL + T Open New Tab In Browser
CTRL + W Close the Current Window
CTRL + X Cut Selected File
CTRL + Y Redo an Action
CTRL + Z Undo an Action
CTRL + ESC Lauch Windows Menu
CTRL + ENTER Adds .com Domain In URL
CTRL + Insert Copy Selected Item
CTRL + Number(1-9) Jump between Open tabs In browser
CTRLl + SHIFT + N Creat New Folder
CTRL + SHIFT + ESC Open Taskmanager
CTRL + Mouse Scroll Zoom-In/Zoom out the Current Window Size


Shortcut Keys Description
WIN + A Open Action Center
WIN + B Set Focused In Notification Area
WIN + D Display And Hide the Desktop
WIN + E Open File Explorer
WIN + F Open Feedback Hub
WIN + G Open Game Bar When Game is Open
WIN + H Start Dictation
WIN + I Open Setting Charm
WIN + K Open Devices Charm
WIN + L Lock your Computer
WIN + M Minimize all The Windows
WIN + P Choose Presentation Display Mode
WIN + R Open the RUN Dialog Box
WIN + S Open Windows and Web Search Charm
WIN + T Cycle throgh Apps on Taskbar
WIN + U Open Ease of Access Center
WIN + W Open Windows Ink Workspace
WIN + X Open Quick Link Menu
WIN + TAB Cycle Through Recently Used Apps
WIN + PAUSE Display the System Property
Win + ALT + D Display the Date and Time on Desktop Area
WIN + CTRL + F Search For Pc's (if you are on Network)
WIN + .   OR   ; Open Emoji Panel In Windows 10
WIN + ,  (comma) Temporery peak at the Desktop
WIN + SHIFT + M REstored Minimized Windows on Desktop
WIN + CTRL + TAB Cycle Through Recently Used Apps
WIN + Up Arrow Maximize Windows
WIN + Down Arrow Minimize Desktop Windows
WIN + Left Arrow Maximize Windows to the Left Side of the Screen
WIN + RIGHT ARROW Maximize Window to the Right Side of the Screen
WIN + SPACEBAR Switch Input Language and Keyboard Layout
WIN + CTRL + SPACEBAR Switch to Previously Selected Input
WIN + +  OR  - Start Zoom in or Out with Magnifier
WIN + ESC Exit Magnifier


Shortcut Keys Description
ALT + D Go to Address Bar of Browser
ALT + E Edit File Menu
ALT + F Open File Menu
ALT + P Display Preview Panel In Explorer
ALT + V View File Menu
ALT + F4 Close Current Window
ALT + TAB Move on Next Window ,Multiple Windows to select
ALT + ESC Move on Next Window
ALT + SHIFT Change the language Input
ALT + HOME Go to Home Page of Browser
ALT + ENTER Display Property of Selected Item
ALT + CTRL + DELETE Display System Menu
ALT + LEFT Arrow Go one Page Backward In Browser
ALT + RIGHT Arrow Go one Page Forward In Browser
ALT + DOUBLE CLICK Display Property of Selected Item
ALT + SPACEBAR Open Shortcut Menu for Active Window


Shortcut Keys Description
SHIFT + F3 Goto Previous Search Result
SHIFT + F10 Dispaly Shortcut Menu For Selected Item
SHIFT + ALT Cycle throught Installed Keybord Languages/Input Methods
SHIFT + ENTER Adds .net Domain In URL
SHIFT + INSERT Paste Copied Item
SHIFT + DELETE Delete the Selected Item Without Moving to Recycle Bin
SHIFT + Up Arrow Select More than One Item of any file in Uppside Direction
SHIFT + Down Arrow Select More than One Item of any file in Downside Direction


Shortcuts Keys Description
HOME Goto Very Beginning of Page/Text
END Goto End of Page/Text
PRINT SCR Copy/Print the Current Window
PAGE UP Move Page Upward Direction
PAGE DOWN Move Page Downward Direction

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