What is Fake Mail How to Send and How to Spot?

Fake mail is the sending counterfeit email by typing sender's address without revealing to him. Do you know 290 billion emails are sent every day?

Social engineering is one of the technique major used by the hackers. In 2016 A survey conducted by social-engineering.org reported that Overall 88% of emails holding clickable links reported phishing links.


The ultimate goal of sending fake emails is obtained sensitive Information like username, password, bank account details etc by embedding phishing link.

How Fake Mail Works How it is possible?

The wide protocol used for sending emails is SMTP - Simple  Mail Transfer Protocol. It doesn't require authentication to validate username and password. The only mandatory parameters required are header, body,  and to address. 'header' part includes from: address. 'body' actually contains the long description. whereas 'to' address need to be specified for the receiver. 'subject' parameter is optional.

 Of course, you can send email from your boss, principal address to any employee and student. It means anyone can send emails from any address to anyone.


How To Send Fake Mail

1. Open emkai mailer

2. Fill the details

From Name :- It holds Sender Name -Show Before Opening of Mail
From Email :- Enter forged email
To :- The target address where want to send  fake mail
Subject :- Title of the mail
Attachment :- Add any file (optional)
Advanced Settings :- It contains advanced feature modes
Content Type :-  Switch to enable different editor mode

3. Verify Captcha and click on send.

How to Spot Fake Email

There are numerous ways to detect phishing emails, few of them discover below.
  1. Phishing emails always contain an alert warning
  2. It contains unknown an executable attachment
  3. Subject always fill with greeting or threating  
  4. Demanding Personal Information
  5. Review the signature
  6. Never trust on display name and sender's address
  7. Review the email for poor spelling and grammatical error
Know more about phishing email here
  Spot The Fake Email Manually

  • Open the dubious received email
  • Select Show Original somewhere you will find View Source  
  • The Received: from and from address are different In Fake Email
  • Message Id is of Fake Email provider's Id

Also, Know The Terms

You will found two common fields bcc and cc in every email box. Let's discover what the things are, when should you use bcc and cc fields? Both are the forwarding copy of a message to listed email addresses.

What is bcc?

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. It used to send emails to multiple recipients. The emails included in this field are not display in the message header. The other, to and cc recipients don't know that the copy of mail is sent to these addresses.
 It's useful when you want to send multiple emails but you don't want to share email list.

What is cc?

It is known as Carbon Copy. This field also used for sending emails to multiple recipients. It is similar to BCC but the emails inserted in this field are visible to every recipient those are on the list.
 It's useful when you want to display all the emails to each recipient.

Be aware of such scam. Never reveal your personal information without confirming its security. If you received emails which directly fingering to your security kindly ignore such. Check for the availability of SSL  in provided link, Now every organization uses SSL for security reasons.

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