A Nifty Guide To Save Media Without A Downloader - Instagram


Instagram is the giant platform for Images and videos. It's the place where you'll find quality, creative, real, natural, and many other Images.

Might you like some images, videos and want to store on your disk to create an awesome collection, But Instagram itself doesn't allow to save the media files images, and videos on both app and web version also.

Here is a nifty guide so you could save the media files from any site (Instagram, Facebook) without opening a downloader. It's peculiar than usual stupid downloaders. So, you're able to download any media on the browser itself, no need to call any downloader and wait for fetching the media. It's somewhat techy but trusts me it's Interesting.

Follow The Guide
  1. Right click on the image/video which needs to download and select Inspect element somewhere found Inspect only.
  2. The image/video area will auto highlighted
  3. Find the image tag or video tag inside the DOM (Document Object Model) which starts with the <img> and <video> tag respectively. Somewhere it's hidden inside triple dot box which needs to expand.
  4. Inside the <img>, <video> tag find the source URL and copy it. 
  5. Paste copied URL in a new window, now you'll see the media which you looking for will have opened.
  6. Again, right click on the image/video, and save by selecting save as option.

P.S. With this method, you can save any media like audios, videos, documents from any website. 

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